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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2011|03:26 pm]
it really sucks that the irs is making my job impossible.

dear irs,

i have known for an entire year that starting the last week of jan people would want to start filing returns. perhaps you are unaware of this seasonal increase of return filing. since we have had a tax code since before the american civil war, it would be really nice if you could release your damn forms before feb 15th. my clients are becoming angry with me when i tell them i can't file them until the middle of feb.

most of them have a look of "that's total b.s." when i tell them the hold up is irs.

thank you for making my job even more complicated by not being ready for your required forms to be filed.


the only anarco-capitalist in the 901.
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2011|01:54 pm]
i am so extremely annoyed...even if i did have that kinda money to blow, it is unlikely i will ever own any sizeable eames by hr or herman miller furniture.

9000 is more than i will ever spend on something my ass will go on. however, if i was the sort to spend 10k on something my ass will use, an eames (hr) or hr piece would be a good investment...they are time tested and don't loose their value the way most furniture does.

what i dont understand about hr stuff specifically is why i love it so.

i only started appreciated contemporary a few years ago....and that was only because of my love for mid century...i discovered atomic ranch style and from there mid century modern and i was in love. however, as stand alone pieces or pieces in a building of the wrong design/error, i still find a great deal of modern, even things from the atomic era, not to my tastes.

so why is it, even parked in a victoria four square or even the middle of a freaking field, do i find hr piecs so attractive??? i'm really starting to think that herman miller pieces need to be filed in my mind under "fiddlers".......i have a strong belief that the violin, or rather, music played on a violin, no matter what genre or style of music, touches something subconscious or maybe even primative in the human psyche....even country style fiddlers can weave bars together than cause something damn near hypnosis to humans.....i got no proof or nothing on that, just somethign i've noticed...i've seen truly awful bands (or sometimes just bad nites for good bands) completely win over a catatonic (if not angry) crowd by having their violinist enchant the crowd......so maybe hr is tapping into something like that with the lines of their furniture...some deep hidden part of the human brain we don't get yet is touched by the complex simplicity...

eh, screw it, all i know is my bank account can't be touched that deeply for something to sit on.
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2011|01:31 pm]
weight loss update!
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Alice in App land.... [Nov. 29th, 2010|10:57 am]
ten shillings and sixpence
a half guinneaCollapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 22nd, 2010|11:00 am]
I bought a big slow cooker last week...I used to have one, but unfortunately I left it at someone s house years ago and decided I would rather buy a new one instead of wasting my time to retrieve my really nice one.

So now I have an el cheapo one from wally world. =( so fucking sad I lost my really nice one my mother bought me.

I think it is about a 14 size....I don't expect I'll ever need more than that...I refuse to cook anything that involves a whole chicken, and usually only need food for two.

I am really hoping I can create my self a nice little selection of slow cooker dinner meals both L and I will enjoy.....

and it is about damn near impossible to make something both of us will eat. L isn't nearly as picky as I am, but it seems the very few flavors he doesn't like are things I do like....and I don't like very much....it's like freaking jack sprat in my house.

The web has provided me with a few starter recipes. I love that slow cookers are nothing like baking, no need to be exact or perfect like the science experiment of baking. I used to use my old one a great deal when I still lived in Miss. From what I remember as long as i got the liquid and time ok, everything else could, if needed, be made up as I went from what I already had.

I have not found the first vegan slow cooker recipe. The "vegetarian" ones, so far, have been extremely disappointing....some sites even throw the "vegetarian" label on the same section with their regular old veggies section....which wouldn't be that unusual if some of the veggies recipes weren't side dishes that call for things like BACON. how in the hell can someone call a recipe with BACON in it vegitarian??? And yes, I know....bacobits have absolutely no meat in them and are nothing more than soy bacon and flavoring.........guess what? I can't stand soy bacon either! Ocassionally I can do soy saugage, and it has to be the patties or crumbles, not links. (side note...I'm now reading the quaran everyday, I won't eat pig....add to that the whole hair/head weirdness I've been doing at work to hide the mohawk.....am I becoming Muslim??? not that I care, spirituality is liquid and should be a constant quest full of motion for life...and if it werent' for that pesky imaginary friend thing.....I digress...)

It really annoys me that veggie and, especially vegan, cooking are usually full of spices I don't care for. I've started to realize it is more I just really like vegetables and less I don't want to eat meat. I don't want to eat things that are flavored to mimic meat dishes, either. I do love faux chicken nuggets and faux corn dogs....I would eat these foods in their real form if I could, but when I try, I find I can't...I get too grossed out since both of these are usually made from god only knows what....I feel less queasy about the faux ones, as the dirt is the only gross part of the soy plant. I'm also not terribly interested in the more exotic spices used in a lot of vegan stuff...usually drawing from Indian and Asian influences...While I sometimes enjoy such, it isn't something I can enjoy frequently. However, between the diet and my pickyness, I would honestly be totally happy with the idea of micro'ing myself a bag of frozen veggies or those green giant veggies microwavables. But I can not offer such to L for dinner, especially after he has worked a 12 or more hour shift on the CNC.

I've accepted that the crock pot dinners will really be more for L than me....which is fine. I am still trying to diet (I AM DOWN A LITTLE OVER TEN POUNDS FOR THE PAST MONTH!!!!! I think it might be a little better than ten, but i have two pounds that seem to be there some mornings and not there the next....) L is not on a diet and I see no reason he shouldn't get to have full flavor stuff. This has been difficult when he has wanted pizza, something we eat at least once a week. Between my dieting for weight loss and my desire to eat as little meat or animal products as possible, it is unlikely I will find anything for the slow cooker that both of us would enjoy.

L asked me a while back to do a meat loaf....I bought all the stuff and then he acidently threw the recipe my mother had written me away when he was cleaning the living room (not a big deal, I appriecate the help and if somethign is important, I shouldnt' leave it laying between expired coupons and last week's grocery list...it looks like trash that way.) so he hasn't gotten his meat loaf. The internet has given me a few meat loaf type things, and I got a few chicken ones that involve only the boob.....hopefully that will be ok, although it is pretty normal that if I handle the food as raw meat, I will not be able to eat it. ( I dont' get it either...I love bloody horror movies. I treasure chances I get to go work with L's friend who does professional gore fx...I do not hold many views of the nutty peta veggie heads, I agree more attention needs to go to where and how we get ALL of our food, but I'm not militant and I think that most humans are meant to consume some sort of meat in their diet......but I also know that for whatever reason, I do not crave meat, I have a hard time eating it (as I do anything with odd texture like waterchessnuts eeeew). I feel most american eat too much meat in this day and age, but we also drink too much beer....these are personal lifestyle decisions. I wish more veggie and vegan people would be less militant about it....I grow tired of being expected to defend a political movement when I tell someone I"m not much of a meater...it really is a taste texture thing to me...well that, and the best I've ever looked and felt was when I went full blown vegan for a while.)

anyway...so I'm going to try either the chicken or meat loaf this week....I am really excited to have a slow cooker again.....L has to be at work at six am...I don't go in until anywhere from seven to nine....that is basically three hours in the mornings I have. I have to pick L up from work at 6pm...by the time we get home, and I get out of my office monkey outfit, It is usually seven pm...I just don't feel like starting to cook dinner at 7, knowing it will be at least 8 before we eat...by the time we finish eating, it is bed time.....so we eat A LOT of frozen pizzas, pre made stuffler oven meals, or plain ol tv dinners. it's food, but it's not very good. Before L was working I cooked dinner a lot more...it really is a matter of time since we get home at 7 and have to be up in the mornings by 5 at the latest. I just don't want to spend the two or three hours I have making dinner, in addition to the daily house hold maintence. Last week I discovered I can do an entire load of laundry in the morning before I go to work, if I put the dirty load by the machine the night before, start the load while I'm making lunches and breakfast, and start the drying once I get home from taking him to work. It isn't ideal, but since Sunday is the only day neither of us work, I am trying to do as much as possible in the mornings before I get ready for work and after L has gone to work. It would be fantastic if I can find a way to implement the slow cooker since I have plenty of time for prep work in the mornings, but zero time or energy in the evenings. I accept that I may still be eating amy's tv dinners, but at least L will have a real meal after working so hard and so long all day.

I never ever thought I'd be one of those types that gets up this freaking early and goes to bed so early. However, dawn has always been my favorite time of day, well, the thirty mins or so right before dawn really...something about the magic of the sun's light slowly creeping in to the dark and making everything seem blue and surreal...plus it is quiet and still with very little humanity stirring. So on the upside, I get to enjoy this time just about every day...usually alone on sam cooper on the way home. =)

I'm going to do a little more internet foraging for ideas for the slow cooker..... The grocery shopping for the week did not get done over the weekend. I am really hoping the jewkroger is done with their insane construction project. I've not been there in several months due to the construction....the final straw came when I found myself having to run by after work two days in a row...Once for soda, the next day because I foolishly forgot my bottled water.....The drinks were not in the same place two days in a row, which in and of itself isn't a big deal, but the construction situation has meant many things not being in stock, total confusion on where stuff is at every visit, night marish parking, and a security guard telling me I was supposed to walk all the way around their not sectioned off or other wise marked no civilians, area of storage containers and supplies one evening...if it is a safety hazard, you should make it clear customers aren't supposed to walk thru it to their car, but instead walk into traffic to get there. the guard was more asserting his authoritie than being concerned for my safety...but, he doesn't like me.... he's the same one that got pissed with me when the construction first started....the entrance has been a total bottle neck since the process started...one day there was an elderly on one of those motorized carts, two moms with a couple of kids, and lots of other random shoppers all basically stuck while this old woman in a motor cart tried to get it out the door. I had two bags of stuff, not full grocery shopping...I got tired of standing there, being pushed, the incoming people not letting the old person out, the out going people trying to be first out the door...it was a total nightmare...the guard was standing there not doing anything (I think I might have just pushed the old lady thru where she was sticking) I noticed there was a side door, not a double automated one, just a regular glass door...so i went to it, found it was locked, threw the bolt and walked out....and a good many people trying to get out followed me....I did it pretty quickly, but once I had the door opened he caught on and started trying to get thru the people using the main door to stop me, yelling at me the whole time....I really did not care, plus, by then, everyone else trying to get out was with me. dur de dur...I hate going to the grocery store...it's like a sample of the worst of humanity....totally out of it elderly people who really should have a younger family member who will take them so they don't get robbed or confused or over charged.....lots of screaming dirty kids illustrating how effective abstence only in our schools has been.....and this particular kroger, since it carries a large Kosher section, can sometimes be a real life dissertation on race relations in my city. but it is a reall nice kroger when it isn't under construction...which i hope is the case when i go tonight...

i also have to remember to add the pineapple and cherries for the giant fucking ham I am making for my dad for thanksgiving. my entire house is going to smell like roasting pig flesh. =(
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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2010|11:39 am]
i remember a time when you knew your kind from twenty paces....back when you couldn't just go to walmart and buy stuff with skulls already on it.

damn it, we had to paint our own skulls on!

these stupid kids...they aren't alt, they are just like the judgemental preppies and rednecks who made highschool hell... sheeps in us wolves clothing, I guess.

being weird was a lot more fun when you did it cause you are, not cause it is cool.

(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2010|04:37 pm]
finally redid my hair...

poor sweet boyfriend...has to help me with it.
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2009|04:12 pm]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |"can't hardly wait" the replacements]

i'm a bit out of the usual in my new years beliefs. i think everyone's new year starts on their birthday and the 12/31-1/1 stuff is complete nonsense. have you ever really studied our calendar? damn thing makes no sense! leap years?!?! did the irs design this thing?

anyway....it happens to be my new years two weeks before everyone elses, so it's never been terribly noticeable i'm out of sync with the rest of the population for new years.

two people on my sparse friends list have already done this meme. i stole it, and filled in my own answers.

dear god this thing does not cutnpaste well into semagic. =( absolution, if i've left any of your answers in, i am so sorry.
cut cut cut new years memeCollapse )
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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2009|10:17 am]
woo hoo..
found a new website.
list of dominionists and such owned businesses.

big surprise, chickfila is on there...which is why i never go there. and i still won't use domino's. i know they are locally owned franchises, but for way way way way too long the guy who gets all the $$$ from the sale of the franchise licenses donated way way way way too much money to the anti-choice lobby.
and this morning during the news i saw a creepy ad from ikes...lots of various white people around various xxxmas trees, and at the end a printed message about "christmas to christians everywhere is a celebration of our lord and savior jesus....etc etc etc. merry chrismas to you from us etc etc"
not that i really care, and good for these businesses/owners for being open about what they believe.
i just kinda think some of them, like mcalisters deli, do it because they think it gets them more business.
i've gotten so lazy about things i care about in my life that i'll shop where ever is most convient/cheapest for me, and i'll eat just about anything, including kfc (kentucky fried cruelty).

perhaps, one day, i will have a nap long enough that when i wake up, i can give a shit again.

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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2009|01:17 pm]
i blame anthraxCollapse )
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